Horwich Advertiser Issue 551

The Advertiser May 29th 2019 Page 31 Email: news@horwichadvertiser.co.uk Visit our website: www.horwichadvertiser.co.uk BOLTON OCTAGON THEATRE: June 6-16 The Importance of Being Earnest. Tickets £14.50 - £28.50, concessions up to £23 off. ALBERT HALLS: May 31 ThereWas An OldWoman Who Swallowed A Fly. Tickets £11.25. June 1 Mad About Musicals. Tickets £18.50 - £23.50. June 23 A Night At The Musicals. Tickets £15.25. June 29 Rock For Heroes. Tickets £19.25 - £21.25. June 30 Bolton Community Dance Festival. Tickets £5.75 and £10.25. July 26-Aug 13. Tickets £6.25. BOLTON LITTLE THEATRE: June 1 Iron Bell – The Music of Pink Floyd. Tickets £11. June 17-22 Spring and Port Wine. Tickets £10. June 28 Acoustic Session. Tickets £3. BOLTON ARENA: June 29 The ‘Made In Manchester’ Festival. Tickets £22.50 (adults) £12.50 (under 16s). BURY THE MET: May 28 Jack and the Beanstalk. Tickets £10 and £8. June 5 Eric Bell. Tickets £17. June 7 Brawn. Tickets £11. June 8 A Joni Mitchell Celebration Concert. Tickets £17. June 9 Nick Sharratt’s Right Royal Drawalong. Tickets £8. June 15 The Doors Alive. Tickets £15. June 19 Through TheWalls. Tickets £11. June 20 The Sounds of Simon. Tickets £13 (advance), £15 (door). June 21 Livewire: The AC/DC Show. Tickets £21 (seated), £18.50 (standing). ROCHDALE MIDDLETON ARENA: June 14 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Came True – The Meatloaf Show. Tickets £22, £19 (concessions). June 27 National Theatre Live – Small Island. Tickets £10. July 7 The Dreamboys. Tickets £21.50 - £27.50. MANCHESTER PALACE THEATRE: June 6-July 27 The Book of Mormon. Tickets various prices. OPERA HOUSE: May 30 The Carpenters Story. Tickets £29.90. June 3 – 8 Club Tropicana The Musical. Tickets from £19.80. June 16 Kris Kristofferson and The Stranglers. Tickets from £50. ROYAL EXCHANGE: May 31-July 6 Hobson’s Choice. Tickets from £7. MANCHESTER ARENA: June 6 Mumford and Sons. Tickets £42.45. June 10 Backstreet Boys. Tickets from £57. June 26 Eagles. Tickets from £70. June 27 Lynyrd Skynyrd and Status Quo. Tickets from £63. YOUR LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE The Eagles are performing at Manchester Arena in June THE LOWRY: June 5 Reginal D Hunter. Tickets £24.50 - £26.50. June 11-15 Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet. Tickets from £31.35. June 23 Jane McDonald. Tickets from £39.60. O2 APOLLO: May 29 Jack Savoretti. June 11 David Blaine. Tickets from £63. June 22 Gladys Knight. Tickets from £64. June 25 Stray Cats. Tickets from £43.65. BRIDGEWATER HALL: June 9 Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Tickets from £33.90. ROYAL EXCHANGE: May 31-July 6 Hobson’s Choice – A New Adaption. Tickets from £10.50. LIVERPOOL EMPIRE THEATRE: June 2 Sing-A-Long-A Grease. Tickets from £18.90. June 15 ABBA Mania. Tickets from £13. June 16 Hello Again Neil Diamond. Tickets from £13. June 20 Some Guys Have All The Luck – The Rod Stewart Story. Tickets from £13. EVERYMAN THEATRE: June14-15 Boys. Free entry. ECHO ARENA: June 3 Danny Baker. Tickets £26.80 and £24.05 (concessions). June 25-26Westlife. Tickets from £62.50. LIVERPOOL PLAYHOUSE: May 28-June 1 TheWorst Witch. Tickets £10-£15. JOHNWICK - CHAPTER 3: PARABELLUM (15, 131 mins) IN 2014, Keanu Reeves revitalised his post- Matrix career with JohnWick, a blood- soaked action thriller about a grief-stricken hit man, who exacts eye-watering revenge for the butchery of his beloved hound Daisy. Chad Stahelski’s relentlessly brutal film was a giddy delight and three years later, a testosterone-pumped sequel continued the breathless hand-to-hand combat and running gun battles. Stahelski returns to the blood-smeared director’s chair for a third instalment, which dovetails neatly with the conclusion of John Wick: Chapter 2 and orchestrates a hyperkinetic battle royale on the rain-lashed streets Another rush of blood from brutal John Wick of New York City. The script, credited to four writers, adds several layers of intrigue but strips back characterisation to the splintered bone in order to focus on impeccably choreographed fight sequences, which reach a whoop-inducing crescendo with a showdown in an armoury museum. Reeves and acrobatic extras deliver punishing blows to each other’s faces and torsos while furiously smashing display cases, grabbing guns, knives, axes and other implements to fling through the air with dizzying precision. Fans of earlier instalments won’t be disappointed when it comes to high-octane destruction as Stahelski’s camera pirouettes around his leading man on horseback and a motorcycle, flanked in one exhausting exchange by two snarling attack dogs. PAWPATROL: MIGHTY PUPS (U, 70 mins) CANADIAN animated TV series PAW Patrol, a top dog for pre-schoolers on the Nick Jr channel, bounds excitedly onto the big screen in a super-powered instalment directed by Charles E Bastien. Parents of little ones frothing with excitement at the prospect of 70 action- packed minutes of canine misadventure should be forewarned that the film is a compendium of three programmes. Alongside a turbo- charged main feature, there is an episode of Top Wing in which Rod encourages his scaredy-chick little brother Romeo to have self-confidence - “When the time comes, I know you’ll find your inner rooster!” - as they cock- a-doodle-do their best to stop their family’s runaway truck. Completing the compilation is an instalment of Butterbean’s Cafe, which centres on young fairy Cricket as she practices her skills with a piping bag and comes to the rescue when older sister Butterbean forgets to add coloured frosting to a batch of cupcakes ordered by Professor Cosmos for his stargazing club. If your litter is only interested in PAW Patrol then you’ll be treated to approximately 45 minutes of well- groomed entertainment for your money, which hammers home valuable life lessons about perseverance and resilience in the face of failure.