Gowaan Gals! – You’re changing the game

9 Apr 2018 08:51

“It’s like ‘go-on’ but in a northern accent and like you really mean it.”

Started in July last year, Gowaan Gals, set up by Enduro mountain bikers Martha Gill and Bex Baraona, has already amassed nearly 1500 followers on Instagram. The two northern girls share their love for biking through a unique brand of brutally honest comedy alongside videos of them training and the much loved #WheelieWednesday.

Set up to showcase the girls journey around the world as they compete in the Enduro World Series, Gowaan Gals has become a platform for inspiring women in the world of sport as both Martha and Bex break down the barriers and stereotypes that affect them as professional sportswomen.

When Martha isn’t off racing in far flung places she lives and trains in Horwich, using the hilly terrain of Rivington to prepare for her busy season abroad.

Bikes have always been a part of Martha’s life, after riding mountain bikes with her family as a youngster, she joined Bolton Hot Wheels cycling club and gave road racing a go. The next few years were spent as an under 16 racing road, track, cyclo cross, and cross country until she met Enduro legend Tracy Moseley who encouraged her to give the exciting brand of mountain biking a go.

“I did my first race and I loved it,” said Martha, “it was so different to the type of racing I’d done before; the format, the people, the trails, and the enjoyment factor!”

2016 was a year of exams as Martha finished her A-Levels, but 2017 was a very different story.

After a fantastic season in the U21’s category she was crowned the Enduro World Series World Champion, bringing the title back from Finale Ligure in Italy.

Now Martha moves on to competing with the Elite Women. Currently travelling through South America, she has secured the funding and backing from her team, Marin, to compete at all the World Enduro Series races, something she hasn’t been able to do before.

As for Gowaan Gals, Martha and Bex have just set up a YouTube channel and have some big plans for the movement they have created in the near future.

Follow Gowaan Gals on Instagram: @gowaan_gals

Martha Gill is pictured training up Rivington near her Horwich home

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