Variety of walks on offer from Bolton CHA Rambling Club

24 Apr 2018 07:52

Bolton C.H.A. Rambling club invite you to join them on Wednesdays and Saturdays,

Saturday 28th April

‘A’ - MILLS OF THE CALDER VALE BROCK -  Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Stree tBL1 4HJ at 9.00.  Walk starts at 10.15 from Calder Vale CP, Long Row, Calder Vale PR3 1SQ. Cobble Hey, High House Farm, Brock Bottom, Nigher Brock Bridge, Boggy Wood, Calder Vale. Hilary Walton.

‘B’ - BUNGALOW GROUNDS – Meet in Lever Park Ave BL6 7JU for 10.30 start. Rivington School, Bungalow Grounds, Pigeon Tower, Rivington, Dean Brook, Overflow Steps, Street Drive, Fisherman's Walk, Dryfield Lane. Lesley Johnson

‘C’ - LAST DROP – Cars to Turton Tower for 10.30 start. Golf course, Last Drop, Jumbles, Turton Bottoms, Chapeltown, Embankment, Turton Tower. 6 miles. Gordon Hughes & Anne Moller

Wednesday 2nd May

1) – SCHOLES HEIGHTS – Cars to Turton Tower BL7 0HG  for 10.30 start. Wayoh Reservoir, Hill Top, Scholes Heights, Edgworth, Turton Tower. 8.5 miles.Garth Aspden

2) – SPITLERS EDGE – Meet at Belmont Bull PH BL7 8AJ for 10.30 start. Hordern Stoops, Spitlers Edge, Great Hill, Picadilly, Higher Pastures House, Belmont. Y.M. 8 miles. Sarah Ozanne & Mary Pickering

3) – TWO LAKES – Meet at Jumbles CP BL2 4JP for 10.30 start. Turton Bottoms, Chapeltown, Wayoh Circuit, Barlow Institute, Jumbles. 6 miles. Kath/Enid

Try them out first by turning up at the meeting points which are all listed on the website
If interested in joining our club, or for further information visit the website and use the 'contact us' link.

Wednesday number ‘1’ and ‘2’ walks are approx. 8-9 miles and of similar standard. Number ‘3’ walks are approximately 6 miles, are easier and at a slower pace. In some cases, post codes are nearest to start point.

Saturday ‘A’ walks are approximately 12 miles, ’B’ are approximately 9 miles and ‘C’ are approximately 6 miles.

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