Thousands of children wearing their happy shoes to improve road safety

24 May 2018 09:19

As part of Walk to School Week this year, over 70,000 children across the UK wore the shoes that make them happiest – whether that was the brightest, jazziest or craziest shoes they own to celebrate Living Streets’ Happy Shoesday

Happy Shoesday is Living Streets’ annual fundraising even which runs on the Tuesday of Walk to School Week. For every child who wears their happy shoes, a £1 donation is made and goes towards the charity's quest to improve road safety for primary school-age children.

Walking to school is a brilliant way to get active and healthy. It’s also a great opportunity for children to learn vital road safety skills and make sure they’re alert and ready to learn at the start of a new day.

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets said: “We’ve been running Happy Shoesday for three years now and the children who take part love the opportunity to wear their happy shoes. Our fundraising event highlights the benefits of walking and the importance of road safety in a fun and engaging way for schools, pupils and their parents.

“If you normally drive your kids to school, why not try swapping four wheels for two feet during Walk to School Week and see what difference it makes to your child’s health and happi ness?”

Walk to School Week is part of national charity, Living Streets’, National Walking Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the benefits of walking – and the perfect time to give walking a go. This year Living Streets is urging families to pledge to walk to school via their website.

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