Latest walks with Bolton CHA Rambling Club

8 Nov 2018 09:32

Bolton CHA Rambling club invite you to come join them on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Saturday 10th November

'A' DARWEN TOWER – Meet at Royal Arms rear car park at Ryal Fold BB3 0PA Darwen Tower, Darwen Moor, Bold Venture Park, Sunnyhurst Woods, Ryal Fold. 12 miles Danny Mangan

'B' STONE CIRCLE – Meet at Turton Tower BL7 0HG  for 10.30 start. Stone Circle, Three Lowes, Wayoh West, Barlow Institute, Turton Bottoms, Jumbles East. 9 miles Ray Jennings

'C' TORRA MANOR – Meet at Eagley sports Club BL7 9PQ for 11.00 start. Dunscar Fold, Smith Lane, Turton Golf Course, Torra Manor, Lunch at Turton Tower, Eagley. 6 miles Stella Liversidge

Wednesday 14th November

1) TV MAST – Meet at Moss Bank Park BL1 6NB for 10.30 start. Barrow Bridge, 63 Steps, Little Dakins, Burnt Edge, TV Mast, Coal Pit Road, Sheephouse Farm, Moss Bank Park. 8.5 miles Janet Taylor

2) TWO LADS AND WILDERSMOOR – Meet at Moss Bank Park BL1 6NB for 10.30 start. Barrow Bridge, Walker Fold, Holden's, Two Lads, Pike Cottage, Wildersmoor, Burnt Edge, Little Dakins, Barrow Bridge. 8 miles Steve Almond

Try them out first by just turning up at the meeting points which are all listed on the website;

Wednesday number ‘1’ and ‘2’ walks are approx. 8-9 miles and of similar standard. Number ‘3’ walks are approximately 6 miles, are easier and at a slower pace. In some cases, post codes are nearest to start point.

Saturday ‘A’ walks are approximately 12 miles, ’B’ are approximately 9 miles and ‘C’ are approximately 6 miles.

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