MP stands up for Brexit in Westminster speech

22 Jan 2019 03:21
Published by: Daniel Almond

During a debate on this week’s no confidence vote, Chris Green MP spoke out on the importance of delivering Brexit for his constituents.

Local MP Chris Green has long-been vocal on his belief that the Government should deliver a clean break from the European Union.

Whilst opposition MPs attempted to bring down the current Government, Mr Green called out their ‘demonstrable failure’ to provide a credible alternative.

During the debate, Mr Green said: “This vote, on the referendum, on the European Union, reached out in a way that politicians here have never done before or at least not for decades.

“This is one of the key reasons why it is so important to respect this referendum decision.”

Speaking after the debate, Mr Green said: “The Labour Party challenged the government in the hope that they would win the no confidence vote and later assume power, yet they have failed to provide a credible alternative to the Conservative government.

“Disappointingly, in amongst this week’s events, manoeuvres have continued to be made behind the scenes by the political elite to delay Brexit, if not stop it entirely.

“This is why I am determined to ensure that my constituents get the Brexit that they voted for in the 2016 EU referendum – one that takes back control of our money, laws, borders and trade.”

The full video of Mr Green’s contribution to the No Confidence debate can be found on Facebook by searching @ChrisGreen4BoltonWest.

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