Plans to boost teacher numbers welcomed by local MP

31 Jan 2019 04:53
Published by: Daniel Almond


Local MP Chris Green has welcomed a new strategy published by the government this week, which aims to boost teacher numbers.


To achieve this aim, the government’s new Recruitment and Retention strategy puts forward a series of measures to ensure that teaching remains an attractive and rewarding profession.


Some of the new measures include giving teachers an increased amount of early career support, a reduction in teacher workload and the extension of opportunities for flexible working.


Mr Green said: “As an MP, I have the pleasure of visiting local schools and meeting with both pupils and teachers from across the constituency.


“A number a teachers have raised with me their concerns about the recruitment and retention of teachers at both primary and secondary school level, which is why I am pleased to see the government is taking action to solve this problem.


“This new strategy will encourage more people to choose teaching as their career path and secure the number of teachers that we need to educate our future generations.”


Full details of the new Recruitment and Retention strategy can be found by visiting


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