Opportunity to join new community choir based in Horwich

5 Mar 2019 04:51
Published by: Daniel Almond


Local singers and musicians have an opportunity to join a new community choir, based in Horwich.  The idea was first thought up a few years ago by Janet McManus, then President at Horwich National Spiritualist Church.  The idea was borne out of the modern day visitors and congregation only knowing a small selection of the hundreds of historical hymns and songs associated with the church, with the thought being the choir could sing at, or record music for the church services & events.


Whilst Janet now plays a different role in the church, the idea has never gone away, and has only strengthened with the likes of Gareth Malone bringing choirs to life on TV, plus continued research concluding the positive benefits of belonging to a choir.  Chris Sherrington, the current President of the church talked to us about why the church has launched the choir now.  'Our committee are very passionate about our local community and wellbeing.  In 2018 we launched a meditation group which has brought a variety of people through our doors to take time out for themselves and enjoy the benefits of meditation as part of a group.  The meditation was on top of the longstanding Healing Service, available at the church since the 1950's, and our committee are all in favour of bringing more wellbeing activities to the church.   Whilst the commitment to wellbeing links well to the principles of our religion, this is more about bringing individuals of all faiths, or none, together in a safe and friendly environment to benefit from being part of something that makes them happy.  Janet has had the choir idea bubbling away for some time, and we have some strong support from our regular visitors to the church.  We were also wowed in December 2017 when we invited the fantastic Bolton Cancer Voices Choir to perform a concert at our home to help them with their fundraising.  They were an absolute inspiration, and it was clear to see how that group of people, potentially at their most vulnerable state, were benefiting by being part of their choir. 


Chris continued 'There's a lot of varied pressure in life, which means that wellbeing and happiness is challenged.  This maybe because people are too busy, they could be too lonely, they could be under financial pressures, or they just need an outlet for getting the endorphins flowing.  We love the idea that we can help make a difference in our community, and it would be great to ultimately get the choir to record music for our services and events'.  


In recent years the 'Horwich Community Choir' launched and was immediately oversubscribed, showing a keen appetite for community singing in the town.  The new 'Sound of Spirit' Community choir launched on 6th February and meets on Wednesday mornings at 1115am at the church, based at 77 Chorley New Road in Horwich.  For further details, drop in to see the choir, or email horwichnsc@gmail.com


For more information, visit Horwich NSC's website: http://www.horwichnsc.org.uk/


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