Young superstar hopes to make the world a better place by litter picking

8 May 2019 10:56
Published by: Daniel Almond

We would love to introduce you to Elizabeth Martin, who is currently 5 years old and hugely against littering. Elizabeth persuaded her Mum to go litter picking with her over the Bank Holiday weekend around Claypool and New Chapel lane. Young superstar Elizabeth managed to collect lots of cans of lager, bits of plastic and McDonalds bags that were thrown out of passing cars, amounting to two large bags which she can be seen carrying below. Elizabeth is extremely fond of animals, and she is worried that the amount of litter around our town will begin to hurt the animals she loves. She wants to make the world a better place by helping to pick up as much litter as she can.

We at the Advertiser would like to say a massive well done to Elizabeth for all her hard work, you’re doing an amazing job!

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