MP welcomes puppy and kitten farming ban

4 Jun 2019 11:09
Published by: Daniel Almond


LOCAL MP Chris Green has welcomed the news that government legislation to end puppy and kitten farming has been introduced in Parliament.


The new legislation, known as Lucy’s Law, will mean that puppies and kittens cannot be sold by pet shops or commercial dealers, unless they have bred the animals themselves.


This ban will ensure that puppies and kittens are born and reared in a safe environment, with their mother and sold from their place of birth.


Mr Green said: “I’m pleased that Lucy’s Law has been introduced in Parliament this week, which will see puppy and kitten farming banned across the country.


“Puppy and kitten farming are completely unethical and lots of animals have needlessly suffered as a result of this terrible practice.


“Once this law is passed, there will be greater protections for puppies and kittens being sold in the UK and this legislation will also enhance our country’s animal welfare standards.”


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