Tell town hall chiefs how to spend share of £16m

11 Sep 2019 09:32
Published by: Daniel Almond

MEMBERS of the public have been asked to put forward their views on the regeneration of a town centre.

Members of the steering group looking at the future of Horwich have asked residents to send in their views.

The group could be handed a share of £16m, made available by Bolton Council to improve four townships in the borough.

Cllr Marie Brady, chair of the steering committee, said the money could be spent on a range of issues, from battling nuisance crime to improving transport links.

“One issue is anti-social behaviour and how we can address that,” she said.

“But also we’re looking at the visuals of the town centre and improving it for shopkeepers and to improve trade.

“Transport links are important too, it’s clear that there are far too few parking spaces.”

Other ideas include improvements at Station Park, although there is some question about whether this would fall into the area covered by the regeneration scheme.

Similar committees in Little Lever, Westhoughton and Farnworth will look to outline their own plans and gain a share of the money.

Business owners, politicians and other residents, who will be part of steering groups, have been tasked with drafting proposals for each of their districts.

Residents who want to put forward their own ideas for the regeneration of Horwich town centre should email a member of the steering group on horwichtowncentre

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