Dreams really come true- Oz style!

9 Jan 2020 04:53
Published by: Daniel Almond


A gentleman with learning disabilities from Bolton whose dream was to fly to Australia to spend Christmas with his sister has done just that!



Derek currently lives at The Hollies in Bolton where he is supported to live independently by the team from Bolton Cares.


Derek has lived in Bolton all his life with his parents. Sadly, both his parents passed away.

After his parents passed away, Derek moved into The Hollies.


All of Derek’s remaining close family emigrated to Australia years ago. They are a close family and miss each other very much.


When Derek moved into The Hollies he told the team that his wish was to go to Australia to spend Christmas with his sister.


After months of planning and working with Derek and his sister, the Bolton Cares team put a detailed plan in place and on the 6th of December, Derek flew out to Australia and landed safely 24 hours later! He will spend one month in ‘Oz’ with his sister and the rest of his family.


Sara Ashton, who manages The Hollies, said: “This is has definitely been one of the most amazing outcomes I have ever witnessed. The team supporting him did an amazing job to ensure Derek’s safety and make his dreams come true.

I spoke with Derek after he had landed safely and it was amazing to hear how happy he sounded.

Have a fantastic time Derek!”


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