Rainbows put up in windows for kids to spot on walks

25 Mar 2020 01:14
Published by: Daniel Almond

RAINBOWS have been appearing in windows across the borough after a social media post suggesting the decorations went viral.

People were encouraged to display the colourful pictures to give children something to look for when they go out for walks.

The post, which has been shared across the web, aims to make a neighbourhood-wide game of I-Spy.

Julie Stone, the mayoress of Horwich, is one of the people who has added the eye-catching decoration to her window.

Mrs Stone and her husband Gordon, the mayor, believe that this simple act can be really helpful for people struggling with the current situation.

She said: "Our grandson is seven and although he lives in Yorkshire, I know he would love to hunt the rainbows.

"I'm sure this activity will motivate young children to walk around their neighbourhood with their parents and have some outdoor time," Mrs Stone added.

"Also, many people stuck at home would like to help others and this is a simple way for the community to work together," the mayoress said.

Rainbows of any size, design, or artistic ability are encouraged to be displayed.

Some people have printed them out fully coloured, others have printed an outline to colour themselves, and some people have drawn and coloured their own from scratch.


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