Are you being required to work from home?

30 Mar 2020 11:10
Published by: Daniel Almond

WORKING from home is increasingly popular, especially with the recent outbreak of coronavirus. Plus many small businesses work from home.

Home-based working can be a positive option

Modern technology enables us to work anywhere and be instantly accessible, ready to communicate effectively, even globally, via the internet, podcasts and social media.

Setting up as a home worker initially has space, kit and broadband capability considerations. There may be phones, heating and logistics to budget for.

Being home-based reduces larger overheads. Hot-desks, offices or PA services are available through co-working spaces or online. And hotels regularly provide facilities; coffees, networking and meetings.

Network groups and professional clubs offer mutual support and opportunities to recommend and work together, share valuable advice and improve the home-working experience.

Work to suit yourself, even on holiday. Having children may mean working in the evenings is preferable, with fewer distractions. It gives the flexibility to work when busy and do other things when quieter.

Appointments and family responsibilities may be better managed, though ground rules may initially be needed. Try allocating specific times for undisturbed work.

Home-based may be more comfortable for clients, less corporate, though the working environment needs to be professional, you dressed appropriately, with minimal domestic interruptions.

Bad weather and contagious illnesses rarely concern the home worker, unless meetings require rescheduling.

Ensure you switch off at the end of each day. It’s sometimes tempting to check in just once more or keep going until you've finished. Be firm about managing stress and burnout. Plan time to eat, exercise and relax. Look after yourself; you’re your business’s main asset!

Discipline and routine are important for effective working from home. Many companies report their home-workers are more productive than their office-based staff! Start out well and find home-working a positive experience.

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