Saying it with flowers

15 Jun 2020 09:43
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A rainbow display of flowers has been planted in Bolton’s Queen’s Park to thank NHS staff, carers and key workers for their bravery and dedication during the coronavirus crisis.

Thousands of begonias will flower all summer in the park as a tribute to key workers in the health and social care sectors.

The display, which is nearly 75-feet wide, will include three colours of ‘non-stop’ begonias – red, orange, and yellow - and painted blue and purple lines.

The rainbow has become the symbol of hope throughout the pandemic, with millions of people around the UK putting pictures in their windows since the start of the lockdown in March.

Now visitors to Queen’s Park will be able to see a reminder all summer long of the commitment shown by key workers during the crisis.

It follows moves by the council to paint rainbows and ‘thank you NHS’ and ‘thank you carers’ messages on roads across the borough during May.

Adele Warren, Bolton Council executive member for environmental services delivery, said: “This is a fitting tribute to our wonderful NHS, carers and all our key workers who have worked throughout this crisis to keep people safe and well.

“Throughout the summer a rainbow of flowers will bloom in Queen’s Park – reminding everyone who visits the park of their efforts on behalf of all of us since the coronavirus pandemic reached the UK.

“Sadly, many lives have been lost in Bolton to the virus – including health and social care workers. This floral tribute in Queen’s Park will be our way of remembering them and their colleagues on the frontline.


“The idea to plant the rainbow display came from of the council’s Neighbourhood Services Team Leaders. Begonias are planted in the park every summer but this year their idea was to plant them together in a single rainbow display in one bed.”

Sponsorship to pay for the planting has come from clothing and PPE firm Connectbrand. Based in Preston, the company supplies PPE and clothing to care homes in Bolton.


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