Horwich Author Releases Lincoln Novel

13 Oct 2020 09:54
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Horwich author, David Hatton, has released his fourth novel, The Exhumation. The historic thriller is based on the true story of an attempted theft of Abraham Lincoln's body in Springfield, Illinois in 1876. 130 years later, someone has taken the body again with the aim to question the former president's legacy.

It's been eleven years since Hatton visited Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, which inspired the gruesome tale. A decade on from when he began the story, he realises it's more relevant now than ever. "I picked up this book after ten years and was stunned to see back then I'd been writing about tearing down statues of former leaders whose legacies had been put into question over their treatment of slaves. The Black Lives Matter movement has certainly made this story timelier than ever. It was pure coincidence that I'd picked it up again this year."

This is David's fourth novel. His debut novel, The Return, was released in 2018 which followed a 9/11 life insurance scam in New York. His other novels, The Medium and the Catfish, are set a little closer to home, with The Catfish (released earlier this year) based on a Horwich vigilante group.

All four novels are available to purchase on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

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