School’s diversity and inclusion pledge

20 Oct 2020 09:58
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BOLTON School has revealed it has reviewed and improved its practices to make a sustained commitment to anti-racism in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The review followed an open letter sent to the independent school in June from a group of alumni and other members of its community.

As a result the school has introduced staff training of the issues of diversity and inclusion as well as unconscious bias.

Changes to the curriculum have also been made and the school is placing emphasis on ensuring an increased diversity of speakers invited to attend it enrichment or careers events.

Students in the school’s boys division will also be taught about the activities of its benefactor Lord Leverhulme in the Belgian Congo during the early 20th century – as well as his work creating Port Sunglight.

And a Year 9 History module will now focus on American politics from the era of slavery.

In a statement on its website, the school said: “The school is determined that its response to the issues raised by the BLM movement should be meaningful and have a long-term impact on the culture of the school.

“Whilst much positive change has already taken place, there clearly remains further work to be done, not least the school’s consultation on issues of diversity and inclusion.”


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