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2 Nov 2020 01:59
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MORE than one million Brits have food in their fridge freezers that has been in there since 2015 or longer.

A new report reveals that we are a nation of secret stockpilers and find it difficult to empty our freezers.
One third of respondents to a survey by home appliances insurer Prominence Support admitted they find it hard to throw food away once they've frozen it and have food in their freezers that are more than a year old.
Around one in seven said they have freezer food that they stored more than two years old and have never got round to using, with five per cent admitting that some items in their freezers were frozen at least five years - or 1,825 days - ago, well past the date when they should have been eaten or binned.
People were asked what food items have been sitting at the bottom of their freezers for years, with ready meals, meats and fruits the most common replies.

One confessed there was a box in their freezer that had been there for years, and contained, ‘an unknown and disgusting looking stew that I will never eat'.

Lorraine Taylor of Prominence Support, says: "We all rely on our fridge freezers and more so over the past six months, when lockdown saw people stockpiling food to avoid running out.

"We have started to see people stockpiling again. Freezers will be groaning once more under the weight of food, although our poll suggests many people may struggle to find any space in their freezers if they don't do a little purging.
"It seems as a nation we like to freeze and leave - for years! In fact, many of us probably have sealed plastic bags in the deepest darkest corners of our freezer that may never see the light of day again.

"It's reasonable to assume once we freeze food it is fine to eat for years. But, that's not the case. While it might be safe to eat years later, it won't necessarily look or taste nice once defrosted.

"Before cramming your freezer with more lockdown supplies, it's worth throwing out food you know, if you're honest with yourself, you're never going to use - and free up some space.

"It also helps your freezer run efficiently if you don't fill it to the point of overflowing."
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Freezing tips

• If you want to freeze vegetables then blanching (boil or steam until they are partially cooked) is a must, to slow or stop enzymatic activity that decays vegetables
• Meat should be used within three months of freezing, while bread only lasts three-six months, white fish and fruit six months. Freeze these items any longer and while they will still be safe to eat, the colour, flavour and texture will deteriorate
• Don't pack freezers too full - air must be able to circulate easily to maintain the temperature
• Use the ‘fast freeze' setting if you're freezing large quantities
• Don't store slightly warm foods in the freezer, as they will cause the interior temperature to rise
• Place food in airtight containers or freezer bags before placing in the freezer, otherwise the cold air will dry it
• When freezing liquids, leave some space in the container to allow for expansion - don't fill to the top
• It's always worth labelling containers with details about contents, numbers of savings and importantly the date when you froze
• Never refreeze raw meat that has defrosted. You can cook frozen meat and fish once defrosted, and then refreeze

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