Emily's a record breaker!

19 Nov 2020 01:14
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FORMER Bolton School student Emily Varley has raced herself into the world record books.

Emily, who left the school in 2012, raced against the clock to beat the Official Guinness World Record for the women's indoor triathlon.

The challenge involved swimming 400m in the pool (20 lengths), riding 20km on a watt bike (12.5 miles) and running 5km on a treadmill (3.11 miles).

The total time also included the transition times between each of the three sections. Emily had to beat a time of 1 hour 18 minutes.

The record attempt took place at Nuffield Health Centre in Letchworth and Emily smashed the record with a total time of 58:21.

She said: "As soon as you are finished you always wonder if you could have gone a little bit faster, or pushed a little bit harder, but nevertheless I really enjoyed it and it was great that so many people came out to support us."

Emily, who was captain of Bolton School's town champion winning swimming team, went on to study at Cambridge.

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