Horwich author releases latest novel

20 Oct 2021 03:33
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Horwich author, David Hatton, has released his latest novel which features LGBTQ+ experiences in the Holocaust. Camp is set in 1925 where a young George Taylor moves to the gay capital of Europe: Berlin. Ban upcoming election threatens his future as the Nazis make gains across the country.

"I've wanted to write a novel based on the Holocaust since I visited a series of concentration camps in Poland, but I could never get the right tale. There's thousands of stories based on Jewish experiences, but few on LGBTQ+ experiences and so I thought this would be a different side of the story." said David, who moved to the area three years ago.

Research for the book didn't come easy. There are few accounts of LGBTQ+ experiences in the Holocaust as many faced further sentences on their release from the camps and most died before gay rights were established, so those that survived remained in the closet.

The novel is the fifth book by Hatton. All his novels are available to buy on Amazon as paperbacks or e-books.

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