Horwich Leisure Centre launches Maintaining a Fitter Future

28 Mar 2022 01:10
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Serco Leisure, who in partnership with Bolton Community Leisure Trust, run Horwich Leisure Centre, has announced the launch of its latest green initiative, Maintaining A Fitter Future, which will provide customers with an updated checklist detailing everything the site is doing to stay environmentally friendly.

Maintaining a Fitter Future will have a physical presence on-site via a prominent noticeboard but will also have a dedicated page added to the facility's website. The physical and digital checklist will include an environmental 5-year plan for the centre, its energy usage certificates, a carbon reduction plan, as well as details of any biodiversity projects happening around the site.

Mahendra Patel, Partnership Manager for the centre said:

"This is a key initiative and one we're keen to support at the centre. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental issues in every area of life, so it's vital for us in the leisure sector to show transparency in how we operate sites from a green perspective."

Lee Clarkson, Serco Leisure's Environmental Manager said:

"Maintaining a Fitter Future is our way of showing a genuine environmental commitment to customers and staff, giving them a clear roadmap towards a greener future for leisure centres. I'd like to thank Mahendra Patel and the Horwich team for backing this initiative."

For more information about Horwich Leisure Centre, visit the website: https://www.boltonleisure.com/horwich-leisure-centre/

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