Custody suite reopens

9 May 2022 12:41
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GREATER Manchester Police's Bolton custody suite is back in action after it was fast-tracked for reopening by Chief Constable Stephen Watson.

The 18-cell suite at Scholey Street Police Station, has processed a significant number of detainees since opening its doors at the end of last month.

They include people arrested on suspicion of burglary, controlling and coercive behaviour, theft, stalking and public order offences.

The site has increased custody capacity in support of GMP's renewed focus on investigating crime, looking after victims, arresting offenders and protecting neighbourhoods.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes said: "The reopening of Bolton custody reflects our commitment to Bolton and the wider community to improve GMP's service to the public, which includes catching more criminals and locking them up.

"This is a key element of the chief constable's improvement plan, so the reopening of this site is a significant step towards achieving the vision that has been set out.

"We're taking the fight to criminals with local initiatives and force-wide operations, so increasing our custody capacity helps allow us to take the positive action that is needed and ensure justice for victims.

"Our new prisoner processing units will also make sure that the increased numbers of people arrested will be processed to face justice in the quickest possible time.

"We hope that getting suspected offenders off the streets and into custody, will go some way to improving our communities' confidence in policing as it shows that their concerns are being heard and we're taking action."

Chief Superintendent Stuart Ellison, of GMP's Bolton District, said: "The reopening of the suite is important, as it provides us with a site that is well placed to support the delivery of our service to the people of Bolton to help keep them safe."

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