Mixed reaction to revamp plans

26 Mar 2020 11:40
Published by: Daniel Almond

THE latest plans to revamp town centres across the borough have been met with mixed reactions.

Horwich councillors have questioned whether the masterplan drawn up by architects BDP have stuck to the brief.

Horwich North East councillor Marie Brady found some positives within the masterplan but called for more pedestrianisation in the town centre to allow markets to set up stalls and cafes to “spill on” to the street.

Cllr Brady, who chairs the Horwich town centre steering group, said that residents have welcomed some of the proposals.

She said: “Improvements to Old Station Park were welcomed, particularly the pedestrian and cycle route link to the Rivington Chase and beyond to Middlebrook and Blackrod.”

“The creative cluster proposal was well received. But Lee Lane was not addressed other than some improvement to shop frontages. The volume of traffic and speed along Lee Lane with its narrow footpaths either side was not addressed and needs input from traffic engineers to look at improving pedestrian safety.

“With a £4m fund available, the regeneration plan must provide a town centre that will attract residents and visitors, not just to shop but to socialise and as a base to explore the wider areas and facilities of Horwich.”

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