20,000 homes set to see changes to their waste collections

14 Sep 2020 11:17
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20,000 homes set to see changes to their waste collections after 18 September as Chorley Council updates their routes.

Chorley Council after 18 September is introducing new bin collection routes in order to make the service more efficient.

Over 20,000 homes will be affected but the council vow that no waste collections will be dropped from the service and any disruptions made as a result of the changeover period will be mitigated.

All affected homes have been contacted directly and nearly 2,500 people have used the handy address checker at www.chorley.gov.uk to check their new waste information.

Although not directly affected, some homes could see changes to the time bins are usually collected, and the Council urge every resident to put their bins out before 7am the morning of collection to avoid missed bins.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, Executive Member for Customer, Advice and Streetscene services said, "We want to make the transition process to our new routes as smooth as possible for residents which is why we have contacted each household directly and have set up our online address checker.

"If you're still not sure if you will be affected, go to www.chorley.gov.uk now and pop in your postcode.

"Also, please remember to put your bins out before 7am on the day of collection whether yours are changing or not. The new routes could mean your bins may be collected at a different time than you're used to."

The Council has brought together a programme which ensures that no waste collection is dropped and any disruption will be made up for with extra collection days where needed.

The new routes will also mean we can enhance the service while saving distance of 20,000km and a whopping 12.20 tonnes of fuel per year!

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