Horwich Advertiser Issue 585

Page 12 The Advertiser July 6th 2022 Follow us on Facebook: Horwich Advertiser Ad Sales: 01204 478812 SUMMER’S finally here! It’s time to dust down the barbecue, buy your coals, stock up on some tasty cuts of meat and enjoy the sunshine. Here are some top tips to ensure your food is perfectly cooked and none of your guests complain of burnt burgers with raw insides. TOP TEN BARBECUE TIPS: 1. WARM UP THE BARBIE Before you start cooking, make sure the coals are hot enough. Try and heat your BBQup around 20minutes before you want to cook. General rule is 200oC is too hot, 180oC is about right and 160oC is too low. 2. OIL THE GRILL Once your BBQ is warm enough, brush some oil on the grill to stop the meat sticking. It will also sear the meat. 3. BBQ TOOLS Don’t restrict yourself to one set of tongs. Keep two close at hand – one for turning the meat and the other for turning the coals. 4. BURGERS To stop your burgers falling to bits when you pop them on the grill, place then in the freezer for five minutes before cooking. Just remember to add a few more minutes cooking time. OPENING TIMES: MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM - 5PM SATURDAY 10AM - 4PM DERBY BARRACKS, FLETCHER STREET, BOLTON BL3 6NF www.emmaus-bolton.org.uk • info@emmausbolton.org.uk COME ALONG FOR ALL YOUR HOME, GARDEN & GIFT SHOPPING. FURNITURE, WHITE-GOODS, CLOTHING, TOYS & MUCH MORE. TO DONATE YOUR GOODS AND ARRANGE A FREE COLLECTION CALL 01204 398056 HANDMADE SECTION: CHOOSE YOUR DESIGN, STYLE & COLOUR! VISIT OR CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION OUR CAFÉ PIERRE IS OPEN FOR INDOOR, OUTDOOR AND TAKEAWAY DINING DO YOU SEW OR CRAFT? COME AND SEE OUR NEW SCRAP STORE, WE HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF FABRICS AND TEXTILES AT UNBELIEVABLE PRICES. DOWNLOAD THE EMMAUS BOLTON APP WE SELL RECYCLED FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS ALL AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES HANDMADE IN OUR WORKSHOP VISIT OUR GARDEN CENTRE PLANTERS & GARDEN FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER! Summer LifestyleSpecial GONE are the days when the burger and sausage reigned supreme. From global twists and funky formats to plant-based feasts – there are loads of newbarbecue trends out there. Outdoor cooking in theUK is evolv- ing and changing all the time. Lots of us still cook the simple barbecue essentials, burgers, sausages, steaks, and skewers. However, in recent years the American smokehouse style is becoming increasingly popular, with ribs, brisket and pulled pork being favourites of this style. Another popular trend that we have seen over the last year or so, is wood-fired oven/pizza oven cooking, which has seen huge growth. Pizza ovens are definitely worth your‘dough’, theyprovideaquickand easy way to bring Italian cuisine to your garden. Marcus Bawdon, author and the godfather of UK BBQs, has shared his views onhowtohaveagreat outdoor cooking experience. Here’s his take on the art of barbecuing: LET’STALKMEAT The most popular meats people are looking to cook are briskets – the Everest of barbecuing – and big Tomahawk steaks, which are fun, tasty, and bring a bit of theatre to proceedings. A top tip when sourcing meat is to get sustainably raised, local meats – they have a far superior taste than their industrial farmcounterparts. Buy the best you can afford. Also, when getting your brisket from the butcher, ask for a neat-shaped whole packer cut brisket, trimmed of any excess fat on the side. The more uni- form your piece of beef, the better it will cook. GO-GOGADGETS Small portable pizza ovens are big news and tabletop grills are also provingpopular as peoplearehaving smaller cooks due to Covid restric- tions.You canalso cook farmore than just pizza in them. Lots of people are definitely waking up to cooking food to spe- cific temperatures. Using a meat thermometer is the only way to accurately tell if your food is safe toeat.Youcankill harmful organisms in most foods by cooking themto the right temperature. Not only does a thermometer ensure your meat is safe to eat, but it also ensures you cook your meat to perfection. No one wants a dry, over cooked piece of steak. Fire up the barbie! 5. DO THE DRIZZLE Drizzling meat with apple juice, par- ticularly pork, will keen the meat moist, tender and full of flavour. 6. VEGGIES Wrap some vegetables in foil and toss them on the barbecue. Roasted carrots and peppers make a tasty change from big bowls of salad. 7. STOP THE FOOD BURNING If your meat is beginning to burn, slow things down with a spray bot- tle. Spray some water on the outside and that will slow down the colour- ing process. 8. HERBY SKEWERS Try using sprigs of rosemary as skewers. They look amazing and will give your meat and vegetables a really delicious flavour. 9. SERVING CONDIMENTS Instead of having endless bottles and jars of condiments on the table, try decanting into a muffin tin. It looks nicer and is much easier to carry. 10. PERFECT PUDDING Don’t buy expensive desserts, instead fill bananas withmarshmallows and chocolate and toast them until they warm and gooey. Delicious! The great outdoors