Horwich Advertiser Issue 585

1. Driving along the coast 2. Mountain views 3. Goodweather 4. Driving near lakes and rivers 5. Quaint villages 6. Who you travel with 7. Seeing a significant landmark 8. Stopping at viewpoints 9. Driving through aNational Park 10. Passing colourful fields TENTHINGSTHAT MAKEYOUR CAR JOURNEYMEMORABLE: 1. NORTHNORFOLK COAST King’s Lynn to Cromer via the NorthNorfolk Coast  2. THROUGH KIELDER FOREST HexhamAbbey toHawick  3. LONDON AFTER HOURS NottingHill toGreenwich  4. SURREY HILLS Dorking to Petworth  5. EDINBURGH AND EAST LOTHIAN Edinburgh toNorth Berwick  6. FROMHIGHLANDS TO COAST Glenshee to Banff portion   7. DARTMOOR Tavistock toAshburton    8. WELSH COAST Llyn Peninsula to FronHaul  9. JURASSIC COAST Swanage toWeymouth   10. SOMERSET Clifton in Bristol to Glastonbury  THETOP 10MOST MEMORABLE DRIVES INTHE UK: Page 24 The Advertiser July 6th 2022 Follow us on Facebook: Horwich Advertiser Ad Sales: 01204 478812 Advertiser TRAVEL Contact the team 01204 478812 Making memories on the road SUMMER’S here and for many of us that means hitting the road and enjoying all that Britain can offer. The country has more than 200,000 miles of road ready to explore and to highlight the beauty of the countryside car maker Hyundai has put together 10 memorable driving routes for the nation to enjoy. Whether you are looking for dra- matic mountain landscapes, gently rolling countryside or sweeping coastlines, there is a road trip for you. The routes picked range from a trip through London after dark to a drive through the dramatic Kielder Forest in the North of England. Whatever route you pick, it is all about making memories. Cog- nitive scientist Dr Martha New- son says: “Part of what holds us together as families, communities or society are the memories that shape us and being able to reflect on our most defining experiences together. After years of lockdowns, the UK is making up for what feels like lost time. We have a deep need for memory making. “It’s not about getting from A to B but really experiencing what the journey has to offer in all its glory. These journeys across the UK are part of what is bringing us back together, both physically and psychologically.” Here are her top three tips on how to have a memorable journey this summer: 1. CHOOSE YOUR CAR SNACKS WISELY Opt for higher protein treats like nuts or cheese over sug- ary snacks or refined carbs, as regular sugar consumption is associated with poorer memory. Dark chocolate at least 70 per cent in cocoa is the exception to this rule because it is rich in flavonoids, which are linked to increased blood supply to parts of the brain associated with memory. Anti-inflamma- tory foods including fruit, veg sticks, and certain teas are also ideal for optimum cog- nition, positively influencing neuronal signalling. 2. MINIMISE DISTRACTIONS While the playlist might be important, other noises could distract you from remembering the journey itself. Distracting information, such as engine noise or a cluttered car envi- ronment, places a burden on our working memory. As the brain is busy processing the distracting information, our performance in other areas must decrease. So, if we want to support our visual memory to process beautiful scenery, it helps to have an uninter- rupted journey with distrac- tions minimised. 3. REALLY STRETCH YOUR LEGS WHEN YOU HAVE A REST BREAK A bout of exercise, whether it’s some deep lunges, running on the spot, or a brief jog along the beach can help improve circula- tion and the secretion of neuro- protective proteins, associated with the growth and develop- ment of neurons. This acute form of exercise primes the molecular processes to encode and consolidate new memo- ries. If you’ve got an electric vehicle that needs its battery recharging, then take this time to recharge your batteries too.