7 Aug 2020 09:10
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Nine-year-old Arnold Tague needed a new wheelchair to get around, so his father Mark got in touch with Westhoughton Rotary Club to see if they could help raise the £1,995 needed.

Arnold has a rare genetic condition which has caused him intellectual disability, mobility problems and profound deafness.

Rotary President Barrie Livesey and local Rotarians agreed to help and when Mark said he’d raised £1300, paid the balance that the specialised wheelchair could be ordered from Mobility for You.

The chair arrived last month and. Mark got in touch with Rotary again to give them an update.

He said: “I’m pleased to say we received the chair a couple of weeks ago and Arnold absolutely loves it, it’s opened up the world to him again and even though there’s a pandemic we’ve still been able to get out and experience some things again.”

Postman Mark and his wife Sophie are now really looking forward to celebrating with Arnold on his 10th birthday this month.

New Rotary president Jim Yates said: “The photo of a smiling Arnold out posing with Eric on Morecambe front shows the difference that the wheelchair is already making.

“I’m delighted that, once again, we have been able to use money collected locally to make a real impact for local people in need.

“We were delighted when our treasurer Phil Wood received a ‘Thank You’ card to us all from Arnold with another great photo on the front.”


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