MP objects to proposed mandatory menu calorie count

8 Jan 2019 03:38
Published by: Daniel Almond


Chris Green MP has spoken out against the government’s proposals to make it compulsory for calorie counts to appear on restaurant and café menus.

This comes amidst warnings from the Treasury that calorie counts on menus would increase costs for local restaurants, which would lead to increased prices for customers. Some of your favourite eateries would also be at risk of closure.

The proposals won’t just cause rising prices—charities have also warned that compulsory calorie counts on menus could exacerbate eating disorders.

Mr Green said: “There are some fantastic restaurants and cafes around the constituency who serve delicious food, yet these proposals will only increase the costs to both them and their customers.

“If these changes are imposed, restaurants and cafes in my constituency will have to pay costs of up to £500 to determine the calorie count of each of the dishes they serve.

“We should be working to support local businesses, not hindering their success and growth with guidelines like these which is why I am calling for the government to rethink these proposals.”


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