Running for mental health group is a success

6 Feb 2019 03:54
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Local resident Sam Ormrod runs a walk/run group in Horwich, with the aim of helping people improve their mental health by exercising. The group meets at the Horwich RMI club carpark on Mondays and Thursdays at 6.30 pm. Horwich Town Mayor Peter Wright regularly attends with the group.

Sam's most recent organised event welcomed over 60 people who came to join.

"Well done to everyone who came and made this event a success.
I couldn't be more proud of what we are achieving in Horwich in raising awareness of how mental health can be improved by exercise.
Exciting future for the running group, more events and bringing something new to Horwich for survivors.
Breaking my silence was the toughest decision I ever made, but on the flip side it has made me stronger than ever, I am able to bounce back so much quicker for negative emotions, I stand up for what I believe in, I won't be pushed about emotionally and i am living my life to the best I can, where before I was barely existing.
If I didn't speak about my past first to Katy Ormrod then to a therapist at survivors I would still be feeling guilt, shame and all the other awful emotions of being silenced and a victim. Some people might think I shouldn't speak about this stuff on here and i just want to say this, I have never once gone into depth about what happened to me (that is for me and my therapist) this is not the place to do it, what I have done is break my silence enough on social media to let people know it's ok to talk about this stuff, its ok to talk about your mental health to others and it's ok not to be ok. I am so glad I was strong enough to speak out as unfortunately many aren't and I'm so proud of every single person that comes to the running group week on week, supporting others even though they might not be feeling good themselves, that's what's the group is all about and we are in it together.
Add yourself to my group running page at: Sam's warriors/improve mental health with running group
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