Dancing his way to a healthier lifestyle

8 Feb 2019 01:57
Published by: Dave Fletcher


A Morris dancer who lost five and a half stone in the space of a year is encouraging more people to give the traditional dance a chance.

Paul Woodhead, who dances with the Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men, weighed in at 17st 10lbs in August, 2017, before shedding the weight to become a lean 12st 2lbs just 12 months later.

He believes a huge part of the weight loss is down to the weekly classes at Horwich Resource Centre, as well as performing in festivals up and down the country during the summer.

Mr Woodhead, who is also secretary for the club, said: “I was doing this kind of dancing three nights a week and it’s really good cardio.

“So when I combined that with a diet and some other exercise it was amazing how quick the weight started falling off.

“Especially over the summer because we practice all winter and then in summer we have festivals and events where we dance all week long.

“Morris dancing is often scoffed at but it’s really good for you and performing for people is a really good feeling.”

Open training sessions are between 8pm and 10pm, on Wednesdays at Horwich Resource Centre, Beaumont Road.


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