Bolton MP gets grilled by local school councillors

7 Mar 2019 09:39
Published by: Daniel Almond

Bolton MP Chris Green paid a visit to Beaumont Primary School last week to meet pupils elected to the councils of three local primary schools.

During the visit, school councillors from Beaumont Primary School, St Mary’s C of E Primary School and Ladybridge Primary School grilled Mr Green about what his role as an MP entails.

In addition to this, pupils asked Mr Green questions about fake news, Brexit and internet safety and also used the visit as an opportunity to share ideas from the school council they represent.

Following the visit, Mr Green said: “I was very impressed with the questions pupils asked me and it was great to see them taking a keen interest in politics and current affairs.

“It was also interesting to learn about what the pupils do in their roles as school councillors and some of the pupils told me about their concerns about road safety around their schools which I have now taken up with Bolton Council.”

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