Historical Bolton Hockey League pitching for new female players

6 Sep 2019 01:18
Published by: Daniel Almond

One of the UK’s most established grassroots hockey leagues, Bolton Sports Federation Ladies Hockey League, is inviting new and returning players of all ages and abilities to get involved in the sport and help double the size of the League, which was founded in 1915.


Field hockey is known for both its health and social benefits, it’s an ideal way to meet new friends, have fun and keep fit while being part of a team. The sport has a multitude of benefits including improving balance and coordination, improving mental and physical strength, improving stamina and enhancing communication skills.



Organisers of the Bolton League are encouraging all women, from school age and with no upper age limit, who would like to get fit in a sociable environment to come along to an open day at Bolton’s Canon Slade School on Saturday September 14th, where they’ll be able to meet existing players, try out some training techniques and even play a short match.


Vice Chair, Bolton Sports Federation Ladies Hockey League, Vivienne Makin, says: “The open day is an ideal opportunity for ladies who have never played hockey at all, as well as experienced players, to come along and join a new team. Our League has such local heritage, many of the current players are descendants of the first generations who played in the League over 100 years ago.


“It’s an exciting time to get involved. Our pitch has had a make-over, with a new pitch surface, in preparation for an influx of new players and we have plans for a completely new state-of-the-art pitch which will be ready early next year.”


Attendees to the open day do not need to be part of a team already. The League is inviting individuals, groups of friends, school teams, businesses and any other community group to get involved. Visitors to the open day also don’t need their own equipment, this will be provided. Players will be grouped according to their ability, so everyone feels comfortable.


For further information regarding the open day or the Bolton Sports Federation Ladies Hockey League please visit the website or contact Stephanie Hallé via email: stephanie.halle@artisanh.com.

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