Rotary award winner is now a trilingual student

9 Oct 2019 10:30
Published by: Daniel Almond



WHEN Niza Malik joined Westhoughton High School during Year Nine, she would be the first to agree that her English wasn’t very fluent.

Just over two years later, she was the school’s top GCSE performer with 8 top grades including English Language and English Literature. 

Phil Hart, the High School’s headteacher,  told an audience of Westhoughton Rotarians and guests how Niza had succeeded in winning the 2019 Tony Budd Diamond Jubilee Award.

She and her brother were born in Italy and were fluent in Italian and Urdu when they arrived in Britain. Now, thanks to her hard work she was equally confident in English. 

“This fantastic performance”, he added, “was due to the hardworking way she approaches every subject and made her yet another worthy winner of this award.”

Eleven years ago, in Westhoughton Rotary’s Diamond Jubilee year, the club made its first Bursary presentation in memory of a former member’s distinguished service to the club and the community. Ever since, Westhoughton Rotary have held an annual award ceremony to celebrate the top student’s achievement. 

Phil Hart, explained that when Niza joined the school, it hadn’t taken her teachers long to identify her potential. She was never afraid to ask for help and always acted on any advice given. 

In telling the audience about Niza, Phil Hart said that she was joining a long list of worthy winners who had gone on to achieve further success and bring more honour to the school. Many had had difficult challenges to overcome but she was an especially good example of what could, nevertheless, be achieved. 

He was delighted that her mother Shazia and brother Safian were able to attend Niza’s award evening and help celebrate her achievement. She is now studying hard at Bolton Sixth Form College, so should find her Bursary of a £200 Waterstones Gift Card a real help. 

Past President Ronald Bell explained the Club had wished to inaugurate a special award in the Club’s Diamond Jubilee year as part of their celebration of 60 years of service to the town. In conjunction with the High School, it had been agreed to make it an annual award to encourage and celebrate academic success. He welcomed Jeannette Miller and George Davies thanking them for their support over the past 11 years. 

President Barrie Livesey congratulated Niza on her success and then presented her with her Waterstones Gift card, a Rotary Certificate and a mini trophy. He wished her well in her present studies, which included A level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, and in the future when she was aiming to study Medicine at Manchester University. 

Barrie said how Rotary valued their continued contact with the High School and thanked Phil Hart for his interest and attendance, congratulating him on the way the School was working so hard to prepare students for their future lives.


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