Brownlow Road in Horwich currently being re-surfaced

21 Jan 2020 11:15
Published by: Daniel Almond

A key road in Horwich is currently being re-surfaced. Brownlow Road links Lee Lane at its bottom end with Pennine Road and Longworth Road at its top end. Beaumont Road, Ansdell Road, Mort Street, Pengarth Road, St. Anne’s Road, Hillside Avenue and Douglas Avenue all lead off Brownlow Road so it is a well-used route.


It was chosen for resurfacing by Horwich North East Labour Councillors, Richard Silvester and Kevin McKeon after they received a priority list of residential roads in the Ward that needed works undertaking.

Cllr. Silvester said, ‘it was a no brainer decision in choosing Brownlow Road for resurfacing as it was priority number 2 for residential roads to be re-surfaced in our Ward. The carriageway along many parts of it is deteriorating and potholes are patched up frequently’.

Other residential roads in the immediate area where re-surfacing works are also taking place at the moment and which were also chosen by the two Councillors for re-surfacing are nearby Douglas Close and Pioneer Street which are ranked 3 and 4 on the priority list of schemes.

The works on Brownlow Road, Douglas Close and Pioneer Street should all conclude by the 31st January at the latest.

The Councillors also recently had Hawksley Street and Abernethy Street re-surfaced at the beginning of January which included new gulley’s and drainage systems in both of the streets and the pavements along Hawksley Street were also re-surfaced.

Cllr. Silvester concluded, ‘I am pleased that we have been able to make a difference to residents along and around all of the roads that we have chosen for re-surfacing. There will be some disruption whilst works are taking place but it will be worth it afterwards. Of course we would love to do a lot more than the monies which we were allocated but in due course we are also having some pavements re-surfaced in the Ward which will also be a help’.


Brownlow Road is costing £86,000 to re-surface whilst Douglas Close is costing £48,000 and Pioneer Street £42,000. The works on Hawksley Street and Abernethy Street cost £85,800 and £38,600 respectively.

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