Actress bags leading role in new drama

23 Mar 2020 10:10
Published by: Daniel Almond

A HORWICH actress has bagged a leading role in a new gritty northern drama.

Mum-of-two Jade Laithwaite, 29, has been cast as Mucky Sue in Dixies, a show about a wine bar and club in Doncaster of the same name.

Set in 1985, the plot begins the morning before Dixies is set to open, when a body is discovered behind the bar.

Dixies has drawn the attention of some major players in the TV business, and Miss Laithwaite believes that the show could give her the big break she's been looking for.

She said: "We've finished filming now and apparently Netflix and FilmFour have shown an interest in the show.

"It seems like it's taking off really quickly now.

"We're hoping to get a series from this and it's just amazing - one of the actors is a stunt man who's worked on James Bond and Mission Impossible films."

Created by film producers Robert Hartburn and Kerry Newton, the film loosely follows Mr Hartburn's father, who ran Dixies during the 80s.

Robert has always wanted to base a film around his dad's venue, and will play the part of his father, Dave, in the show.

The pair hope the film will become the pilot episode for a television series when post-production work is complete later this year.

When asked about how she got into acting, Miss Laithwaite said: "I always wanted to do it and last year I decided to audition for a play at Bolton Little Theatre.

"It was my first time performing in theatre and I got the role of Lisa in For Love or Money.

"I got a review from the Greater Manchester Drama Federation and it was amazing - they're known for being quite harsh and they gave me a really nice review."

The piece praised Miss Laithwaite for her confidence, projection, and comedic timing - saying it was difficult to believe it was her first appearance on stage.

Her acting career took a backseat after the birth of her twins, who turn four next month, but her performance at the theatre spurred her on to pursue her dream for real.

She added: "After I had the twins everything was on the backseat, but I realised if I love acting as much as I think I do then I need to see that through.

"I signed up for an agency, and got a regular job in Coronation Street as an extra in the office in Underworld.

"Then I saw a casting call for Mucky Sue in Dixies and I thought it was the perfect role for me.

"I fit the brief and the casting agent didn't do any other auditions and said I'd got the part."

Dixies was filmed in Doncaster's Diamond Live Lounge across three days earlier this month and will be distributed later this year.

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