Local Author Sets the Scene in Horwich

4 Jun 2020 09:21
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A local author has set his latest novel in Horwich. The Catfish by David Hatton is based on a lawyer who moves to the area to set up her own independent practice. Her first client is a mother who wants to defend her son's honour after he is catfished online by a vigilante gang: The Predator Hunters.

The book also stars neighbouring towns including Westhoughton, Chorley, Rivington, Bolton and Preston. There will be many landmarks which will resonate with the locals. For David, 32, who moved to Horwich two years ago, the town was vital to the book's storyline.

"I moved to Horwich from Manchester and instantly felt the warmth of the town. On my first night here I met people who welcomed us and they've remained friends ever since. That village feel really resonated with me and I knew I'd be looked after. At the same time, anywhere which has that level of warmth will typically not be a place to be threatened or crossed and that was critical to this story, whereby someone could be a threat to the children of the neighbourhood."
The book covers some delicate topics including race, abuse, poverty, social justice and trial by media; the latter the author was particularly drawn to after the tragic death of Caroline Flack earlier in the year.

"I know this book won't be for everyone. It's a tough subject to cover. I know it won't be any easier to read than it was to write, but I do hope those who do decide to pick up a copy enjoy it."
Hatton grew up in Preston and has lived in Leeds, Manchester and even Chicago before settling in Horwich with his partner, also called David. He loves walking in the Rivington Hills and a pint down at the Bank Top Brewery. "I wouldn't live anywhere else." says David.
This is the third book by Hatton, who released The Return in 2018 which was about a man who faked his death in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, and The Medium in 2019 which follows a psychic who claims to know the whereabouts of an atheist's wife. All three of his books are available to buy on Amazon as a paperback or E-book.

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