Council call to continue social distancing after warning of raves

19 Jun 2020 10:58
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Bolton Council is thanking local people for staying away from local gatherings.

Leaders in the local authority have backed calls by Greater Manchester Police and other forces for people to stay away from illegal raves.

"The vast majority of our residents understand the need for the gradual easing of the lockdown and that we are not out of the woods yet," said Councillor Nadim Muslim, Executive Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities.

"However, there are reports that as the weather improves people are organising and attending outdoor gatherings such as raves.

"These are illegal, and people's lives are being put at risk by organised criminals. They have no health and safety measures in place. As well as the potential for spreading the disease people are being put in situations where they face potential violence.

"But it's not only their own health being put at risk. Anyone attending is potentially putting lives of family members such as parents and grandparents, or the lives of friends at risk. If you considering going then please stop and think.

"If you are meeting anyone outside your household or social bubble, then social distancing of two metres is still important while we battle the virus.

"If you do hear about such event, we would urge you to report it to the police."

The police would like the help of the public. If you hear of any event taking place, please call the police on 101 with the information.


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