1 Oct 2020 10:07
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Vehicle graphics specialist Roadvert is supporting Public Health England in its quest to drive down the number of Covid-19 cases in Bolton which is the current epicentre of the virus as it battles the highest rate of infections in the country.

Twenty-four bin lorries belonging to Bolton Council have been fitted with the revolutionary SpedianTM graphics panels displaying key messages to help educate residents on how they can help drive down the number of infections in the town.

The panels have been fitted to the passenger side of the vehicle so as to provide maximum impact. Between them the domestic and twin pack vehicles frequent every street in Bolton, slowly passing every property giving prime opportunity for visibility of the lifesaving message among the population.

It is not the first time Bolton Council has used its vehicles to communicate COVID messages to its residents having had two of its Identical panels bearing similar messaging have two of the council's trade vehicles fitted with similar messaging for use in the centre of the town.

The panels are part of a suite of communication tools being used in Bolton to help drive down the infection rates.

Councillor Warren, Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services Delivery at Bolton Council, said: "The graphics panels are one of the most immediate and effective tools we can use to drum home our messages to the people of Bolton.

"Over five days out of every seven they cover every road and street in the town and are a great way for us to reach the people we need to communicate with."

The campaign is also being promoted on the council's own social media channels to encourage residents in the town to keep an eye out for the vehicles.

Lawrence Craig, CEO of Roadvert, said: "This is a strong message to the Bolton community which is effective and will help to get businesses open again quickly.

"One of the most effective ways to curb the number of coronavirus cases is through education. By emblazoning these important messages on the of the Council's refuse vehicles, we will help the council to reach tens of thousands of people. This in turn should remind people to follow the rules - in turn curbing the rate of infection."

In the seven days to September 17th the town recorded 540 new cases of Covid-19 - equating to 187.8 per 100,000 people - down from 213.2 the previous week but still much higher than elsewhere in the UK.

As a result, residents are still under stricter lockdown rules than the rest of the country.

Among the 20-plus rules imposed on the town pubs and restaurants are closed, while takeaways are only open until 10pm.

Residents in the town are also unable to visit friends and family - even in their gardens; travel to another area without restrictions, even to visit family or friends; or meet with anyone outside of their own households or social bubble indoors or inside a private home or garden.

Residents are also unable to register a birth without an appointment or register a death in person.


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