Bolton Lockdown rules to be in line with rest of Greater Manchester!

1 Oct 2020 11:28
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Health Secretary Matt Hancock previously said he will 'reflect' on Bolton's lockdown following a huge amount of requests and pressure from Local MP's and businesses.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes throughout Bolton have been limited to only offering takeaway services, with deliveries being forbidden after the 10pm curfew. It has been reported that these restrictions have now been changed to match the rest of Greater Manchester's restrictions.

Matt Hancock says:

"We are aligning Bolton with the rest of Greater Manchester with local lockdown rules"

"Of course we will keep working with hospitality industry and we will do everything we can during this difficult time"

Although it wasn't directly stated, this would mean that hospitality venues around Bolton currently limited to takeaway only can now reopen which is brilliant news!

We will keep updating as more information comes through.

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