Lockdown unleashes culinary creativity

7 Oct 2020 10:54
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LOCKDOWN has given Brits an appetite for new flavours as we’ve become more creative in the kitchen.

New research has revealed 40 per cent of us had cooked more frequently with almost a quarter becoming much more adventurous with the meals they made.

Over a quarter of people said they had tried a new dish or cuisine for the first-time during lockdown, while 12 per cent said they had been experimenting with new flavours and spices.

As a result of our new-found love for the cooking and appetite for new cuisines, 14 per cent of Brits now believe they are much more confident in the kitchen.

And 16 per cent have even started a ‘recipe exchange’ with family and friends in the hope of discovering more new dishes.

Nearly half of those quizzed said they have bought or considered buying new items to help them create dishes from around the world, with nearly a third investing in new spices and 15 per cent buying new cookbooks.

Bread makers, pizza ovens, pasta makers, sushi rollers and bamboo steamers are just some of the things we’ve invested in.

The research from OPIHR Gin also found that 12 per cent of people tried to recreate dishes that they once enjoyed on holiday, while a further 10 per cent created cocktails from their favourite holiday destination.

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