Mark Radcliffe is sponsoring a ‘Squarea' on the great lawn

6 Jan 2021 01:44
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He said: "Rivington is a very special place to me.

"I lived in Heaton, at the bottom of old Kiln Lane, so in the summer holidays I would cycle up there and just go out there all day.

"I am a big fan of Rupert the Bear and it was like being in a Rupert the Bear annual. You were just running free in the countryside and suddenly you would just come upon the Japanese Lake and next time you went you could never find it again.

"There were these mysterious things like the Pigeon Tower. As a child it was a wonderland, so it is a very important part of my childhood .

"I think the appeal is fantastic. I guess I didn't really realise how close it was all in danger of being lost. Now I see that and I see the work they have put in and know it will be there for future generations of children to explore. I think that it is fantastic and magical and if I can help a little bit in anyway then I am absolutely delighted to do it."

About ‘Squarea’

Individuals and businesses can pledge £20 to sponsor a 10 sq m virtual patch, that will help towards the annual maintenance costs, which are over £100,000 per year.  Each Squarea sponsored will contribute towards the upkeep of The Gardens for the next five years.

The Gardens are spread over 20 hectares (200,000 m2) and fans of the area can pledge their support to the Italian Lake; the Japanese Garden; the Dell; the Lawns; or the Woodlands.  With over 20,000 patches on offer, the initiative provides a unique gifting opportunity for members of the public - especially in the run up to Christmas.

Sponsors of each Squarea will receive a personal certificate confirming their commitment to the gardens.  Ideal as Christmas gifts or as a lasting legacy for people who love the area, the initiative allows people to invest in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

You can sponsor a Squarea online by going to:

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