Westhoughton's first lighthouse

5 Jul 2021 11:09
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Local residents in Westhoughton are amazed at the appearance of a 15ft lighthouse. This fully functional garden sculpture is the brainchild of Mr Malcolm Vickers (76) who was born, and attended school in Westhoughton, and has spent 35 years in the USA.   

The unique feature of the lighthouse is that every part of it was built from scraps of timber rescued from skips. The only new things are the screws and brackets.  

 Fully working; the lighthouse contains kiddies play room and underneath is storage room for garden stuff  

The lighthouse is on a timer switch which lights up at 10pm and dims at 12pm. Even when not lit up it is quite eye catching with its gold collared centre piece.  

  Since placing the lighthouse on Gum Tree selling site to see what the reaction is towards a large garden structural art piece Mr Vickers has had inquiries from a retired US citizen now living near the coast in Sussex. He lived near the World-famous Cape Henry lighthouse which has stood watch over the Virginia coastline for 150 years. The gentleman wants to know if Mr Vickers could build a 10ft replica of this lighthouse but requested could a fog horn be included as this helped him get to sleep each night.  

Another gentleman from Dublin, who has several pizza establishments throughout Ireland inquired could Mr Vickers .build a 15ft “Leaning Tower of Pizza” for outside one of his establishment’s. Vickers is quoted as saying, “Yes, it is doable. This would be in two sections of 7ft and 8ft with special straighteners to compensate for the lean”     

Photo,s are the lighthouse with the lighthouse keeper Mrs Mary Vickers (86) AKA Captain Patch.

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