Station’s heritage is remembered

20 Jan 2023 12:35
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WORK is underway to restore uncovered remnants of the old railway station that served Horwich for almost a century.
The Horwich Heritage group has recovered a set of rail buffers uncovered during recent flood prevention work at Old Station Park, the site of the old station, which closed in 1966.
Now the group’s restoration expert Roy Davies is overseeing the work to restore them before they are put on display at the park as a reminder of the town’s past rail glories.
The restoration of the buffers includes metal working, shot blasting and painting. The buffers, which are believed to be more than 150 years old, were originally installed at the station to prevent trains from going past the end of a section of track.
A Horwich Heritage spokesperson said: “We all want to add to the Station Park in the centre of Horwich, ensuring the area is remembered as our once proud railway station that served the town for almost 100 years.”
The £1.8million project to create a flood basin in the park is part of a programme of work aiming to protect 200 homes in Horwich town centre.

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