15 Jan 2024 11:15
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The spirit of joy shines brightly

DAVID GRANT, the mayor of Horwich, gives us the latest update on his work in the community

ACROSS the festive period and as we said goodbye to 2023 our community came together in a spirit of joy and unity, creating memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.
The holiday season kicked off with a dazzling display of lights at the Blackrod and Horwich Christmas tree switch-on celebrations.
Families and friends gathered at the heart of our two towns to witness the mayors illuminate our beautiful Christmas trees in their respective towns, igniting the holiday spirit that spread throughout our community.
A significant highlight of the month was the grand opening of ‘THE RAMP’, a dynamic venue designed to inspire and empower our youth through the magic of music.
With a focus on building confidence and fostering creativity, this new space promises to be a hub for talent, innovation, and positive community engagement through the charity Rock It.
In addition, Rock it, Bolton Gin Company and Carr’s donated a selection of guitars and amplifiers to the mayor’s charity.
I managed to source these to vulnerable children in care with an interest in music through my contacts in children’s services at Bolton Council. Thank you so much to the team!
The Ridgemont House Christmas Market was another festive delight, offering a unique shopping experience for our residents. The market featured local artisans and vendors, providing an opportunity for everyone to find that perfect holiday gift while supporting our talented community members.
Sports enthusiasts and athletes rejoiced as we celebrated the completion of the resurfacing project at the Bolton Arena all-weather pitches.
This important upgrade ensures that our facilities continue to meet the highest standards, offering a top-notch space for sports and recreational activities for years to come.
The Wright Place Luncheon Club brought warmth and joy to its members with a heartwarming Christmas dinner. It was a time for fellowship and camaraderie as our community shared a festive meal, embodying the spirit of togetherness that defines the holiday season.
The enchanting melodies of the season filled the air at the Adlington Town Council’s Christmas carol concert. People gathered to enjoy the timeless tunes, fostering a sense of community and shared celebration during this special time of the year. The festive cheer continued with a delightful Christmas meal at Tuesday’s Luncheon Club. Laughter, delicious food, and good company were in abundance as we celebrated the season with gratitude and a sense of unity.
As your mayor, witnessing these events has been a true honour. The month of December showcased the strength of our community and the spirit of generosity that defines Horwich.
Let’s carry this sense of unity and goodwill into the new year, continuing to build a vibrant and supportive town for all. Wishing you a joyful and prosperous New Year!

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